Adopt an Animal

The Animals of the Placerita Canyon Nature Center are in need for that special guardian who wants to help in their care and feeding.

Animals at the Nature Center

With more than 25 animals calling Placerita Canyon Nature Center home, the Nature Center must be able to provide food, veterinary care, and supplies to these special animals through private donations.

The Placerita Canyon Nature Center Associates is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by docents, and volunteers. The Nature Center relies entirely on your donations for food, supplies, and veterinary care.

This is where your support can help feed & care for the animals at the Nature Center. When you participate in the Adopt-An-Animal program you are helping the Nature Center to continue providing exceptional care to the animals that call it home.

The Stars of the Placerita Nature Center

The animals of Placerita Canyon Nature Center are a vital part of the Nature Center family.

The animals are presented in weekly animal education programs, school outreaches, Junior Rangers, Windows into the Wild, and Reptile Club.

The animals are also the main attractions at public events such as the Nature Center Open House, Reptile Show, Poppy Festival, and Craft Faire.

The animals are also the main attraction to the many visitors that visit the Nature Center every year.

There are different packages of support available in the Adopt-An-Animal Program, ranging from $25 for smaller animals to $250 for our hawks and owls.

These packages make great gifts for your nature lover! For a brochure or more information, contact the Nature Center at 661-259-7721 or Judy McClure at 661-252-6187.

Our very special guardians include:



Norma L. Warden

Randall E. Hendon

Elsa J. Brochmann and Samuel S. Murray

Daniel, Nina, Josha and Lila McClure

In Honor of Ms. Aschlyee Braswell, Village Charter Academy

Richard Taylor

Angel Wings

Ken and Susan Rinker

Larry and Nancy Nikolai


Daniel, Nina, Josha and Lila McClure

Golden Oak Community School PTA

Jennifer Buchanan

Anastasia Papyan and Igor Vasilchikov

Elsa J. Brochmann and Samuel S. Murray

Larry and Nancy Nikolai

Karen W. King

Girl Scout Troop 6702

Anita C. Walker

Audrey S. Miller

Santa Clarita Child Development Program & Preschool

Hi Desert Rig Runners

Mary Anne, Eric, Bruce and Audrey Miller


Santa Clarita Child Development Program & Preschool

Mountainview LAUP Fun 4 Fours

Mountainview Preschool – Fun 4 Fours

Mateo Anderson

Sandra Cattell

Glenda Perl

Maria Gutzeit-Fahrenholz

Lisa Arakaki

Josha Franco-McClure & Daniel McClure

Knollwood Childcare Site

Karen T S Gubert

Golden Oak School PTA

Jennifer Buchanan

Barbara Ballinger

Elsa Brochmann

Laura Szajner

Vicki Murray

Andrea, Steven and Aiden Archie

Larry and Nancy Nikolai




Laura, Justin and Jameson Szajner

Victoria Murray

Drs. Elsa J. Brochmann Murray & Sam Murray

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Levine

Golden Oak Community School

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 7852

Michael Shellin

Scott and Kathryn Landry

Girl Scout Brownie Troop 7192

Vanessa Tomas

Santa Clarita Fun for Fours Preschool

Girl Scout Brownie Troop #7002

Craig and Melissa Wagener

Felix Grossman and Felix Ventures

Susan J. Mayhew

Larry and Nancy Nikolai

Tyler and Ryan Molina

Nick Valenzuela



  • Girl Scout Troop 3042
  • Golden Oak Community School
  • Laura M. Murray
  • Victoria J. Murray
  • Gary Meyerson
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church of San Fernando
  • Girl Scout Daisy Troop 7192
  • Aidan Welch
  • Deirdre Welch
  • Isadora Hester
  • Linda Goddard
  • Laurel Hall School, 3rd Grade
  • Ryan Silver
  • Santa Clarita Fun for Fours Preschool
  • Girl Scouts Brownie Troop #6862
  • Susan J. Mayhew
  • Santa Clarita Valley Intl Charter School, 2nd Grade
  • Larry and Nancy Nikolai
  • Nickolas Valenzuela
  • Milena Bistric
  • Laura M. Murray
  • Victoria J. Murray
  • Golden Oak Community School
  • Allyson Asis
  • Irma Tamayo & Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
  • Daniel Torres
  • Daniel Campos, Jr.
  • Tina Alunni
  • Girl Scouts Daisy Troop #2932
  • Vilija Salazar
  • Claudia Ribas-Armengal
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Vacation Bible School
  • Tutor Time, Castaic
  • Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School
  • Ethan Rozow
  • Jennifer Perez
  • Linda Goddard
  • Tania Campos
  • Susan J. Mayhew
  • Girl Scouts Brownie Troop #6412
  • Girl Scouts Daisy Troop #50172
  • Luke J. and Nolan D.
  • Larry and Nancy Nikolai
  • Max Pollack
  • Lisa Renella
  • Girl Scout Troop #8742
  • Golden Oak Community School
  • Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich and Players of AYSO, Region 678 Soccer Team ‘Green Lightning’
  • Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich and Players of AYSO, Region 678 Soccer Team ‘Big Dinosaurs’
  • Susan J. Mayhew
  • Larry and Nancy Nikolai
  • Cooper Anderson and Miya, Madison & Morgan Wilson
  • Catherine Hartnek
  • Skip Newhall
  • Cub Scouts Pack 490 Tiger Den 9
  • Alicia Hernandez
  • Isabella Leech
  • Ethan Leech
  • Santa Clarita Fun For Fours
  • Mrs. Metcalf’s 2nd Grade Class, Castaic Elementary School
  • The Peterson Kids
  • Kimberly Villeda
  • Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School, 2nd Grade Class
  • Tyler and Brandon Hodge
  • Cub Scouts Pack 490 Den 9 Wolves
  • Makenna and Tyler Woernley
  • Abigail Pina
  • The Gabriel P. Magana Family
  • Girl Scout Troop #7802
  • Girl Scout Troop #6252
  • Xoe Sunshine DiNardo
  • Linda Ioerger
  • Grammie Walsh
  • Demetri Pinker
  • Kirshna Miranda Labayna
  • Nani Pinker
  • Girl Scouts Troop 6872
  • Tutor Time Child Care/Learning Center
  • The King Family in Memory of Chuck Schroeppel
  • Kimberly Magana
  • The Lamon Family
  • Rebecca Kendall
  • Larry & Nancy Nikolai
  • Sue Mayhew
  • Cub Scouts Den 4, Pack 66
  • Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 3472
  • Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 2752
  • Girl Scouts Sagebrush Service Unit
  • Clayton, Coulter, McKenna, and Townsend Kaneversky
  • Judy McClure
  • Audrey Morga
  • Sima & Milt Bernstein
  • Medtronic Northridge (ACCY, CASE, GSX Groups)
  • Mitchell Elementary School 2009 Second Grade
  • Larry and Nancy Nikolai
  • Luke Stabe
  • Julia & Alexander Melchiorre
  • Larry & Nancy Nikolai
  • Nola Canning
  • Sean Doyle
  • Mitchell Elementary School, First Grade
  • La Mesa Junior High School Honor Society
  • Tyler Woernley
  • William and Wesley Felber
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Duncan
  • Arlene Hale
  • The McGarry Family
  • Ryan Farrow
  • Elaine Martin
  • Marcello Dean
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Duncan
  • The Kodel Family
  • Makenna Woernley
  • Miss Mary, St. Stephen’s Preschool
  • Bodie Milewsky
  • Aylish-Brennan Klepper
  • Luis Rufino, Kevin Rivera, and Michael Suttles
  • Brian M. Smith
  • Girl Scout Troop #246
  • Girl Scout Troop #694
  • Girl Scout Troop #306
  • Roger McClure
  • Bob Fisher
  • Teresa Molina
  • Christine and Martin Remy
  • Janet and Mark Weller
  • Claudia Strock in Memory of Roger W. Smyth
  • Virginia Mitchell
  • Tsugi Rivera
  • Robbie Rutstein
  • Brooke Phelps
  • Anna Scully
  • Francine Goldfine
  • Peggy Sawyer
  • Jacque Tatum
  • Toni and Steve Sarro
  • Mr. and Mrs. Silsby Eastman
  • Cary Freeny
  • Ric C. Hale
  • Terry and Cliff Kelling in Memory of Alicia Overman
  • Nicole Stefani
  • Sheryl A. Bickell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Duncan
  • Makenna Woernley
  • Jennifer Perez
  • Curtis and Drake Macias
  • Gail Sebring
  • Dae, Sage and Ayana Peterson Henry
  • Mary Hoffman
  • Keira Fernandes
  • Austin Clyde
  • Owen Kinney
  • Ranger Mary
  • Alex and Sean Doyle
  • Travis, Ty, and Todd Shelton
  • Cub Scout Pack 564
  • Christian Garcia
  • Ethan Dempsey
  • Alexandra Doty-Basel
  • Josh Reed
  • Jessica Nikolai
  • Kyle Brill
  • Kirshna Labayna
  • Kim Garfalo and Doug Anderson