Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am interested in a program (or tour) at the Nature Center.
A. We don’t give “tours” per se, however we offer several types of environmental education programs: first you must decide if you want a guided or self-guided program. If you want to self-guide, you may come in anytime during regular park hours and take one of the self-guided trail brochures and go on a walk. If you are interested in a guided program, please refer to the monthly schedule for public programs.

Q: My group (school, scout troop, etc.) is interested in the “Windows into the Wild” program at the Nature Center.

A: If you want to self-guide, you may come in anytime during regular park hours and take one of the self-guided trail brochures and go on a walk, however, we ask that your group register on our calendar to avoid conflicts with other scheduled events. Also, we ask your group sign in when they get here and read the park rules.

Our guided programs, called “Windows into the Wild,” are booked Wednesday through Friday, from 10 am to noon, during the school year (September through June.) We are now taking reservations for the 2016-2017 school year. This program is available for students in grades 2 through 6. We also offer a program for preschool through 1st grade on a limited basis on Tuesdays. You can book a school tour with the form in the “SCHOOL PROGRAM” tab on this website.

Occasionally, groups may attend our public programs, however, we ask that groups call ahead at least 30 days prior to their anticipated date so we can schedule more Docents. Groups that want to attend the Animal Presentation need only let us know a week in advance.

Q. Is mountain biking allowed on park trails?
A.No, bicycles are prohibited from all park trails, except the Los Pinetos Trail and the Canyon Trail.

Q: Is there a fee to use the park?
A: Currently, there is no fee for general park use, however, this may change at any time. Some of our programs are provided at a cost. Please inquire about individual programs. Donations for animal care, and park operation are accepted at any time!

Q: I have a (baby) animal I found in my backyard, what do I do with it?
A: If it needs medical attention, you should contact a veterinarian. If it needs care, call the park office at 661-259-7721 for a list of local wildlife rehabilitation providers.

Q: What are the park hours?
A: The park is open sunrise to sunset, while the Nature Center building is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Persons or vehicles remaining in the park outside of posted park hours are subject to fine and/or arrest.

Q: I would like to go on a hike…
A: Great! The park has 7 different trails comprising 12 miles, from beginner to advanced. Please obtain a map at the information desk or go to the “Maps & Brochures” section of this website to view the park map. Park Trail Maps are available for patrons and groups at the front desk. Round trip from the Nature Center to Walker Ranch is approximately 3.6 miles. The waterfall trail begins in the Walker Ranch area. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to hike. Please be advised there is lots of poison oak in the area. Once at the waterfall you must turn around and come back the same way you came. Be aware the waterfall generally has water “falling” from about January through May on an average rain year, and rarely falls in drought years.

Q: Where does the Family Nature Walk go? How long is it? Can my kids go on it?
A: The Nature Walk goes on different trails each time, it also varies in length and duration. In general, it lasts for about an hour, and will go less than a mile. It is designed for the whole family, including the kids.

Q: What kind of animals are in the Animal Presentation?
A: It varies each time, and from season to season. In general, we have owls, falcons, hawks, snakes, tarantulas, tortoises, lizards, a skunk, and an opposum. The presentation lasts about one hour.

Q: Is there camping at the park?
A: Group camping is permitted. Contact the Park Superintendent at 661-259-7721 for permit information.

Q: What are the rules of the park?
A: All park visitors are responsible for knowing current rules and regulations of the park. Even if a rule is not posted with a sign, a visitor may be cited for a violation. All rules are posted in kiosks and are available at the Nature Center and can be found here.

Q: I have a question about an upcoming event…
A: Consult a current flyer in the Nature Center or call (661) 259-7721.

Q: How do I get to the park?
A: Directions from the South Take 5 Freeway north to Hwy 14. North on Hwy 14 to Placerita Canyon Road. Turn right (east) and proceed 1.5 miles to the Park entrance. Directions from the North Take Hwy 14 south to the Placerita Canyon Road exit, turn left. At the signal, turn left on Placerita Canyon Road. Proceed 1.5 miles east to the Park entrance.

Q: Can I rent part of the park for a special event?
A: Yes, the park is available for use for special events. However, a walkthrough with park staff is necessary to determine if your event is compatible with park usage. Events are subject to fee, which is determined by the LA County Board of Supervisors.

Q: I would like to film a movie, commercial, student film, etc. at the park. How do I go about this?
A: You must schedule a walkthrough with the Park Supervisor. Use of the park for filming is subject to use guidelines and constraints, as well as applicable fees. After your walkthrough has been approved, you must then obtain a permit from Film LA at 213-977-8600.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the park?
A: Yes, as long as it remains on a leash.